Sunday, April 4, 2010

D'piazza Condominium Resident Community Website

Dear All D'Piazza Condo Residents/Purchasers,

We have created a new D'Piazza Condo Resident Community website at the below link:-

This website was originally created to provide feedback to the Developer X-Scan on the front-back carpark issue. Since it has been created already, we are extending it to be used by the D'Piazza Condo Resident Community to provide feedback, general discussions, tips and tricks, sharing of best practices as well of for residents to get to know your future neighbours etc.

Please feel free to drop by and sign up. Signing up is free.



Sunday, March 28, 2010

Summary of Meeting between D'Piazza condo purchasers and Developer X-Scan on 25th March 2010

Below is the summary of the D'Piazza condo meeting between Developer and Purchasers:-

Venue: Komtar Level 11(MPPP Meeting room)
Date: 25th March 2010
Time: 10:30am to 12:30pm

Representatives from Purchasers:
1.  Justin Yap
2.  Shi Geok Beng
3.  Lee Jit Heng
4.  Ng Tzyy Hao
5.  Justin Ooi
6.  Saw Lee Kim
7.  Alex Lim
8.  Lim Kooi Chong
9.  Jackie Chow

Representatives from Developer:
1.  Dr. Basir
2.  Mike Lim
3.  Mr Lim

Representative from Henry Butcher(Butterworth)
1.  Mr Teh

Representatives from MPPP(mediator)
1.  Ar. Yew Tung Seang(Chief Architect/Building Director)
2.  Ar. Danny(Architect)

VIP guest(mediator)
1.  YB Tn. Sim Tze Tzin (ADUN for Pantai Jerejak)

Meeting Minutes
1)   Minimum requirement for carpark allocation is 777 units. Developer X-scan provided 999 units which met the MPPP guideline.
2)   Minimum required plot size for each carpark lot is 2.4m x 4.8m. Developer provided two type of car park 2.5m X 5m (standard car park) and 2.5 X 10m (Long car park).
3)  Those front/back carpark is assigned as 2.5mx10m (Long car park). 
4)  Developer listened to the purchasers' side of stories
5)  Purchasers listened to Developers' side of stories
6)  Both Developer and Purchasers agreed on coming to the meeting with the mindset to find the resolution to the front back carpark issue.
7)  Three options have been given by Developer X-Scan to affected front/back carpark owners:
a)      Accept the rebate of RM 4000 (after negotiation during meeting among developer & resident representatives)
b)  *    Swap the front/back carpark with single carpark plot owners who are interested to get 2 carparks and do not mind getting front/back car park. Single carpark owner will pay RM12K to the affected front back car park owners and swap lots.
c)   *  Sell the back carpark to developer and get refund RM 12K. Developer will take over the back car park lot and can do whatever to the car park lot(Including blocking or sealing the car park lot). Developer can also rent out this lot or resell it back to the unit owners at any price in the future(based on willing buyer willing seller arrangement)
 *Option B & C need consensus and subject to approval from banks (as S&P stated units of carpark attached to condominium)

i think this is a fair resolution to the issue. For affected purchasers, you may sign in and choose your options at the below website:-

You will be asked to select your options when you sign up. For those who have already signed up, you may edit your profile under My Page to indicate your preference. We will use this as a tool to gather the voice of the affected front back carpark owners and for use to communicate back to Developer X-Scan on our preference.

On behalf of the purchasers of D'Piazza condo with front-back carpark, i would like to thank all parties(YB Sim and MPPP-Ar Yew and Ar Danny for arranging this meeting) and Developer(X-Scan)/Henry Butcher(Butterworth) for attending this meeting.


With this, we propose to put a closure to the issue. 



Saturday, March 20, 2010

D'Piazza Condo purchasers' meeting

Hi All,

We are organizing a meeting to gather all purchasers to discuss on the front back carpark issue this coming Sunday before we meet up with the developer on the 25th March 2010.

Below are the details:-
Venue: D'Piazza Mall
Time: 9:30am
Date: 21st March 2010 (Sunday)



Friday, March 19, 2010

Discussion with Developer(X-Scan) to solve the front back carpark issue at D'Piazza Condominium together with MPPP Building Department and YB Sim Tze Tzin

Dear D'Piazza unit owners,

Just wanted to provide an update that YB Sim Tze Tzin has helped to arrange a meeting between the developer(X-Scan) and purchasers of D'Piazza Condominium who are affected by the front-back carpark issue together with the Building Department of MPPP. YB Sim will also be present at the meeting.

Details of the meeting are as follows:-

Venue:  Level 11, Komtar Building
Date: 25th March 2010 (Thursday)
Time:  10:00am (meeting to start at 10:30am sharp)

Due to the size of the meeting room, only 7 representatives from the purchasers are allowed to attend the meeting. Hence, we are looking for people who have a strong opinion as well as vocal(especially lawyers!) to attend this meeting. If you are keen to attend this meeting, please drop us a comment at this blog or email us at

In view of this and to be fair to those who are affected and keen to attend(but may not attend due to the limited number of representatives allowed), please send your feedback to

Looking forward to have a fruitful meeting with our developer to resolve this front back carpark issue.



Saturday, February 27, 2010

Petition against D'piazza Condominium's back-to-back carparks

Dear D'piazza condo owners,

Please voice your concerns on the D'piazza condominium's back to back carpark issues here. As a unit owner, i am very disappointed with this arrangement. Please unite and voice our complaints to the relevant parties to get this resolved. Unity is strength. It is very inconvenient for unit owners to reverse our back car out first if we wish to drive out our front car in the carpark lot. Thereafter, we need to drive our front car back into the lot before we can drive off our car. Imagine the time wasted and the petrol wasted just for this exercise. This is not much difference from having a single carpark lot!.  Let's use this blog to gather our voice to ensure that the D'piazza Developer listens to us. If you wish to receive updates on this, please provide your Full name, unit number, email and mobile number. In order to avoid spamming to your mobile phone or email address, i have created the email   Please drop me an email with your Full name, unit number, email and mobile number so that spammers will not get your email or mobile.  If you know of friends who have purchased D'piazza condo, please refer them to here as well.

i have also created a Facebook Page on this for the speed and ease of sharing. You can click the link below to join if you already have a facebook account.

Monday, November 23, 2009

D'Piazza Condominium

D'Piazza Condominium is located in the heart of the Bayan Baru Town Center. It has a freehold land title and consists of 4 blocks with 2 different designs. All the blocks are 19 storeys high and consists of a total of 706 units. Block A, B and C are made up of units with 1,300 sq feet while Block D is made up of units with build up of approximately 1,100 sq feet. Apart from the D'Piazza Mall, the D'Piazza Condominium is conveniently located within walking distance to Sunshine Square Shopping Complex, Mayang Mall, Suntech CyberCity, Hotel Seri Malaysia, Penang International Sports Arena and the Bayan Baru Wet Market.

X-Scan Penang Sdn Bhd (627533-U)
3A&B, Lebuh Tenggiri 2,
Pusat Bandar Seberang Jaya,
13700 Perai,
Telephone: 04-3989100
Fax: 04-3989049

Below are some pictures of the units and the surrounding

Block D - Front Door View

Block D - Kitchen View

Block D - Level 5(next to PlayGround and Swimming Pool)

Block D - Living Room(photo taken from front door)

Block D - Children Playground

Block D - Swimming Pool

Block ABC - Swimming Pool